The Motorwerk in the north of Berlin reflects the cultural development of Germanys Metropole across nearly 3.000 sq m (32,291 sq ft), surrounded by unique industrial architecture. The original motor production hall is under a preservation order, just after the fall of the Berlin wall it became a venue for the techno music scene. Today it is not only seen as the birthplace of that particular music scene, but also stands for the energetic nineties. 

Now 80 studios have enabled artist from across the globe to unleash their creativity. The masterpiece of Motorwerk lies in the heart of the building: the 2.000 sq m ( 21,527 sq ft) function room, equipped with a mobile platform which can be accessed by cars for automobile presentations as an extra highlight. Additionally, the location provides spacious event facilities outside of Motorwerk.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Motorwerk has been the location for so many important concerts, fashion shows, get-togethers, dinners, product presentations, fairs and exhibitions.  

Banquet: 270 – 630 Persons
Reception: 500 – 2.200 Persons

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