Altes Auktionshaus, Mainz

The charming event location Altes Auktionshaus is located in the historical area of the old wagon factory Alte Waggonfabrik.

The former sawmill provides space for up to 150 people across 336 sq m (3,616 sq ft) and the transparent row of windows at the pediment create a unique atmosphere.  Here you will find the right setting for your event, whether it be an important birthday or the most beautiful day of your life.  Also, the location is brilliant for business events like Christmas parties or workshops.

Altes Auktionshaus has a separate catering and buffet area spanning 57 sq m (613 sq ft), a production office on the second floor and basic light and audio technology.

Reception:        30 - 150 persons
Banquet:           30 - 140 persons

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