Dinner In The Sky

The worldwide unique event platform opens completely new perspectives. Whether incentives, meetings, product presentations, marketing events or conferences – your event will be extraordinary and unforgettable.
Up to 22 persons can join the table at once and are lifted by a 120-ton mobile crane at a height of 50 meters. Thanks to a stable roofing and a heating system you are independent from any kind weather. A technical crew is there for your safety and for a smooth process.
On an 8-hour day up to sixteen ‘flights’ with 22 people can be done, which makes 352 people per day. While one group is in the sky, you can have with your other guests (unlimited number) an alternative program in tents or different variable installations at the ground or why not just rent several platforms at once and bring all your guests on the same height.
The location can be arranged on almost every place in Germany.
Reception: 22 – 352 persons (at 16 flights in 8 hours)
Banquet: 22 – 352 persons (at 16 flights in 8 hours
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