Finger food for your catering

Creative, exciting and specially attuned to your needs and wishes - this is the Hyatt Catering service. Our event teams organize suitable culinary programmes for your event with tailor-made finger food catering. Our recommendations will inspire you and delight your guests.

Minimum of 3 items per person at 4 Euro net per item

Flying Finger Food

Mild goat cheese roll, fig cream, anise cress
Tuna pralines, honey-chili sauce
Prime boiled beef lollipop made from organic beef
Mildly smoked duck breast, vanilla pear, port wine
Crispy turkey breast, peanut sauce
Grilled tofu, shiitake mushroom, honey-chili-marinade
Bell pepper roulade, pesto cream, turkey
Smoked salmon, potato praline, sour cream
Berlin veal meatballs, roasted onions, mustard cream
Prawn, green apple, yuzu
Mini onion tart

Flying Fingerfood

Zesty coconut-curry-pumpkin soup
Tomato-orange cream soup
Mildly smoked bell pepper foam soup
Parsnip cream soup
Oriental lentil soup


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